The paths of love

Dear (name),

Having someone like you by my side makes me feel protected from all the dangers you may come across around each corner of the world. Having you close by makes me feel capable of walking all the paths life puts before me, for there’s no evil that can resist a heart filled with love and inflated with the optimism and hope only a great love can bring...
I know that all tracks I walk by your side will be good ones. I know that all steps I take next to you will be the right ones towards absolute happiness. And that’s because I can feel the strength of love, decency, friendship, honesty and all the virtues with a simple touch of your hand or when you look at me.
You make me look at the future with the certainty that happiness is possible and that we should not fear any obstacles. Because we will always find a way out of any difficulties if we keep our hearts filled with this greater feeling called love, a love that means solidarity, companionship and faith in life. You convince me of that. That and a lot more, because there’s nothing better in the world than to feel loved and wanted...
Take this letter as a confirmation of the immense love I feel for you and for your noble spirit, strength, feelings and beauty that are kept in their essence.

Tender kisses