Your affection feeds my body and soul

My love,

Loving you gives me such a feeling of fulfillment that I feel close to Heaven. And that is why I feel this huge emptiness when you are far away, which is reflected in the absence of your body.
I wish I could have you right now, now that a strong desire takes over me and reveals itself through the most sensitive parts of my body; it burns me from inside, giving me an incredible desire...
I don’t know if I should print these feelings in a letter; I may even be misunderstood. But the reason I’m doing it is because I know you know me like no one else does. And you understand that this is more than simple desire, but the certainty that I love you and that my love for you shows itself not only in my mind but also in my body!
Please don’t take too long to come back. Come back as soon as possible; I will be waiting with all my affection and more than ready for love.
Take care!

A big kiss from yours