What if you weren`t so beautiful?

Dear (name),

what do you think would have happened between us if you weren’t as beautiful as you are? I’ll tell you what: no more and no less than it happens already, because even if your beauty wasn’t as obvious as it is, I would still love you and that sweet, adorable little heart of yours!
You were, are and always will be the safest and most beautiful harbor, where I anchor all the love I have in me. I feel all the peace and harmony in the world every time you smile; and every time you look at me it’s as if I can see this quite and crystal clear bay.
If you weren’t as beautiful as you are, so beautiful that you can outshine the moon and the sun, I would still be totally in love with you, because you alight my soul and make it shine each time you tell me you love me...
It’s great to feel wanted by someone as special as you. It’s great to feel loved by such a beautiful and radiant woman like you, who makes nature seem more perfect, complete and wonderful just because she exists.
You are so beautiful. But even if you didn’t have all that physical beauty, I would still inevitably given in to the beauty of your kind heart.

A passionate kiss from