Good morning, my love!

My darling,

It feels great to start the day by looking at your sweet face and listening to your soft voice. I know that by the time I usually hear your "good morning", most of the people are out in the streets, facing the traffic or being surrounded by a multitude of problems.
Yet, your morning greeting gives me the strength to face any Goliath. You wishing me a good day gives me the motivation to decipher any enigma and to face any giants because it fills me with love and courage. And that’s why it feels so great to find you by my side every morning.
You are, the reason of my worries and at the same time the source of my courage. Without you around I would be more indifferent to adversities. But you give me the motivation to look ahead with confidence and determination in the pursuit of the options that will give us more tranquility to enjoy the affection we share.
Even when my days don’t run as smoothly as I would like, I don’t get mad, because I know I will be coming home to your caresses and to be greeted by your warm smile. Even when I face some problems during the day, I always keep in mind your morning wish, your “good morning“ and I try to overcome every obstacles just so that I can see you again soon and enjoy true peace in the peaceful island of your arms.
I love your “Good morning!”, just as I love every night and every hour we spend together.