If I were your girlfriend !

Dear friend (name),

I love being your friend but, with Valentine`s Day drawing closer, I had this absurd idea, you know? I began to imagine what it would be like to be your girlfriend... Well, don`t be scared, I said t was a silly idea, remember? But dreaming is costless, usually painless and has no side effects. So I started thinking that if I were your girlfriend I could fix you a nice dinner on the 14th of February.
And I`ll tell you why: I need to test a recipe that I have learned from a friend of mine, who just happens to be one of the best chefs in town... It consists of coffee ravioli stuffed with nuts and brie cheese, which is just delicious ; and since I know you love pasta, I would be more than happy to fix you this dish if you were my boyfriend. But I guess that won`t be happening...
If I were your girlfriend, I bet you would be wearing nicer, more fashionable ties and aftershave, because I would be extremely careful when choosing them. And I would also be extremely proud to introduce such an `elegant` boyfriend to all my friends. But I am not your girlfriend, so you can keep on wearing your warned out jeans and those salesman ties!
Well, I told you it was a crazy idea... Still, if you want to try some delicious cookies that I have learned from my grandmother, just drop by on the 14th of February. I bet you won`t regret it.