It´s harder without love

Dear (name),

You once told me that you find it hard to feel loved. Love is a tough and rewarding exercise, and there is no exact formula that defines what it means to love. You, who are loving and docile, has however difficulty in loving and being loved.
The beauty of love is a mystery. When it finally happens what comes to light is a great facility of giving away, and when we know how to give of ourselves, the exchange of love is healthy and sublime. Disclosing love requires art and skill, sensibility and attention.
Love has to be sowed in a field of trust. Only this way it may be born, and grow, and finally bear fruits. So you should follow the orientation that your immense heart gives you and rely your love on who loves you the most and dedicates you all the attention, concern and affection.
You have to get rid of your fears, which derive from bad experiences that are long gone... After all, sooner or later it happens with everyone... Let´s build together something firm and beautiful for coloring our lives and days that are yet to come. Forget the fears and pessimistic forecasts, let´s surrender to love.

A kiss from the one who best knows how to love you,