To the man I love

Dear (name),

Sometimes I catch myself thinking of your smart talk, those genius hints on every subject that only you can come up with... Falling in love with you was not unjustified, you are a confident and intelligent man, you don´t feed only on newspapers like most men nowadays.
You have a remarkable personality, and your education clearly comes back then from the cradle. You also have a strong disposition that helps you to succeed in your undertakings. Your future life will never be a mere repetition of the past. Your creativity doesn´t rely only on things kept in memory.
You don´t worry about keeping what you gain. You think that living the present is more important than saving for the future. You trust on what´s life has been keeping for you. You are certainly a differentiated person and I´m still in love with you for all of it.
I believe you can make my dreams come true, ever since the day I met you you´ve been soothing my heart, even if you don´t recognize it... My heart pulses only for you, and this simple letter expresses my admiration and all those things that I haven´t had the courage to talk to you, but you better know it´s all where it should be: inside my heart.