Spending the winter with you

Dear (name)

One of these days, I went out unwary and suffered the cold of an icy night. When I got back home, an open window letting in the piercing wind made me feel so lonely that it occurred to me that I should while away these cold nights along with you. The winter was meant for suggesting coziness and warmth, and not inhospitality and loneliness instead, and I don´t want to feel that way again.
Honey, I imagine us laying down on the carpet by the fireplace, some tasty cheese and a fine wine, good music entertaining us all night long, the warmth of the fire mixed with love... Let´s waste no more time: let´s celebrate our love! I´ve also got the burning anxiety of the waiting for a moment like this: to be by my lover´s side, exchanging hugs and kisses and living a happy patch of life on a winter night.
I hope you don´t give up on me, I´m inviting you in advance, believing that this proposal is much better than anything else. I want to feel all possible emotions of magic winter nights with you.
A long kiss to soothe the desperation of these waiting hours.