Let´s never leave love to chance

Dear (name),

I´m feeling sad and lonely these days and I can´t help thinking of you. There´s nothing else I can when this crushing desire comes out of the blue trying to drag me towards you like a loadstone. But then logic and reason get my head together and I find a way to put up with your staggering absence.
I´d like to slake these desires by nearly stifling you with so many kisses and hugs, I just want to put an end to this thing of being away from you after all. You know how much I´m sweet on you, our love is gracious and pleasing as a sea breeze and passionate and dramatic as a hurricane. Every second counts when I grow anxious and eager to see you again.
But at last, it´s good to be in love, it´s good to miss someone, it´s good to think of you when we´re distant and all, but to be by your side is so much better! To be able to look into your eyes and feel that you love me as well, nothing compares to that... This reciprocal feeling, this huge craving that intoxicate us is the proof that we are meant to be together. I do believe we were made for each other, I do believe it.
We know that the best thing in this world that is reserved for us is our very love, way better than anything else. We complete each other and together we unlock the secrets and misteries of happiness and love. There´s so much life in our hearts, let´s never leave love to chance.