Friendship Day

It’s Friendship Day

Dear friend (name)

I have no idea when and how they began celebrating Friendship Day. But surely the person who suggested the creation of that date had a special friendship as the one I have for you. Friends are rare jewels and friendship presents itself with gestures and not only expressions. Your friendship and your own existence, already make my life sweeter and my world much more pleasant. It is very true, my friend, that your words and actions illuminate the darkness in this world a little. This is the reason I struggle so much to have you always near me. This is definitive proof that the relationships between people should be marked by traits of solidarity and much understanding.
I miss you! I think we need to improve our friendship. Let's meet more often and let these meetings always have good news and understanding, as our conversations are always so pleasant.
Until very soon, and may the idea of Friendship Day be celebrated by us who are friends, with all my affection.