The universe of love

My dear!

In this vast universe where love and wickedness walk side by side, pay attention only to the love I feel for you. You are very beautiful and have many virtues, both of body and of soul.
You give me peace and no discomfort. Be clear that everything I do is done for you with much love and affection. The sweetness of voice and the intensity of your love alleviate the distance that separates us. You are wonderful, you are very special, and that is why I dedicate all this love and affection to you.
Since we first met, my life has changed, and my soul has changed and I became convinced that you're my definitive love. Nothing in this world will make me change my mind or opinion.
To me you will always be the most beautiful, the most elegant and the most charming woman in the world, the most beautiful princess to inhabit this modest room that I called "Monte Carlo". Come on over! We will enjoy wonderful moments, because the presence of love makes everything brighter and more beautiful.

A kiss