Mature love

My dear (name)

The years have gone by and I have almost not noticed it. I lost the fear of getting older because it seems almost impossible that this could happen if you would always be by my side, as a tender and vital nurse of my soul.
Your ability to surprise me every day is really impressive, and it is always in a positive way.
As each day dawns there is a new good word, a new touch of affection, a different way of smiling, and as a result, my necessity to always be with you grows.
What would be the secret that makes me more yours each minute if, although I am always attentive to your facial expressions, I don¹t notice any effort mark? Really, I don¹t know. I only know this is one more of the mysteries that make me like you even more each second, however, I always loose count of time when we are together.
My hair is starting to turn gray, my darling, but every time you caress my scruff or every time that the pink and soft skin of your face touches my beard, I feel like it was for the first time. I love you, I love you so much. I know that I don¹t need to tell you so that often and I know I am repeating myself, but I must because I don¹t have the same talent to surprise you the way you surprise me.

A kiss from your old lover.