Confirmed love


You probably must be thinking how strange it is to receive a letter from me, since I am not accustomed to write. But, suddenly I had this strong urge to declare how good it is to love you, how well I feel about this tenderness that exists around us, even when you are not right at my side.
You know, to love and be loved by you is the best of all sensations I have ever experienced in my life. With you I feel happy and powerful. I feel free, I mean that I feel secure to take any attitude, any route, knowing that my actions are aimed to achieve the best for both of us.
I always miss you so much, but it is a good feeling, it is sweet and tender, it is calm because I know it will be handled and very well handled as soon as my eyes reach the brightness of yours and the white smile of your mouth.
My dearest and adorable creature, I hope the purity of this feeling (which I perceive is mutual) lasts in its plenitude and intensity for the rest of our lives.