Perfect muse

My adorable and beautiful princess

Through all this time we have been together, we have come to know each other little by little, and better and better. But until now, although all the intimacy we enjoyed and all the freedom of our relationship, I still haven¹t discovered on you any characteristic which I wouldn¹t like.
I feel so well with you, so happy, that I think I am completely taken by a feeling called LOVE. You know, this word has been vulgarized a lot; has been utilized without any criteria and has appeared hundred of times in the same chapter of any cheap magazine, or soapopera. Because of that I avoid to say that I love you all the time, although I try to show this feeling in each one of my gestures, in each one of my daily actions, in all my work endeavor.
The greatest motivation to live and fight for better life conditions, better health and comfort to both of us comes from you.
Listen, even though the word is vulgarized, today I couldn¹t stop myself and decided to write to you and simply say I LOVE YOU!.

Accept a tender kiss from your