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If I were your girlfriend !
I love being your friend but, with Valentine`s Day drawing closer, I had this absurd idea, you know? I began to imagine what it would be like to be your girlfriend...

Good morning, my dear!
I hope you have a day full of radiance: that the morning might be clear, that the afternoon keeps on with its brightness and that the night might give us the best hours of our lives.

Good morning, my love!
It feels great to start the day by looking at your sweet face and listening to your soft voice. I know that by the time I usually hear your "good morning", most of the people are out in the streets,...

Old platonic passion
Time goes by but it hasn’t made me change the way I look at you; on the contrary, the desire to love you and to want you all to myself grows bigger and bigger every time I look at you.

Remembering the first kiss
Since we started dating I feel much more sentimental. In my mind now there are only images of beautiful things, happy hours filled with love and plenitude.

The universe of love
In this vast universe where love and wickedness walk side by side, pay attention only to the love I feel for you. You are very beautiful and have many virtues, both of body and of soul.

I wanted to tell you something special
Today I was worried because I wanted to give you or tell you something special, but I lacked the money for presents and the right words to express how important you are to me.

The paths of love
Having someone like you by my side makes me feel protected from all the dangers you may come across around each corner of the world. Having you close by makes me feel capable of walking all the paths life puts before me,...

Love’s true path
Today a feel very happy because I notice at each and every instant the importance you represent to me and the strength you transmit...

Mature love
The years have gone by and I have almost not noticed it. I lost the fear of getting older because it seems almost impossible that this could happen if you would always be by my side...

Your love’s protection
Counting on you makes me feel happy, safe and protected. The comfort your hugs bring me, your receptive and cozy chest make me the most fulfilled woman in this planet...

Love that inspires me
As I have the afternoon off today, I missed you more than on any other day. I decided to write this letter to address the lack of being with you.

All I ever wanted
It’s great to have you in my heart and to be able to feel you close to me all day long. I never get to miss you because I know you are always with me, even when we have many roads and miles between us.

You are beautiful!
As much as I make myself beautiful, when I approach you I feel like an "ugly duckling" next to a fascinating, natty, elegant swan.

Happyness promess
Has anybody ever told you that love is a promise of happiness? .It can be, but what I feel for you, all the calmness and peace that you pass to me are much more than a simple promise.

My thoughts are with you
I know you are distant for now and meanwhile I can’t help but feeling low and sad, but soon I realize, this time we are apart, occurs for a number of reasons...

Since the first instant
I love and adore you. Ever since I first laid eyes on you I was certain they would never again picture sweeter image.

It´s harder without love
You once told me that you find it hard to feel loved. Love is a tough and rewarding exercise, and there is no exact formula that defines what it means to love.

A dedicated love
First of all, before I tell you how beautiful you are, and even though I haven’t done any thing wrong or punishable, I want to apologize. It’s just that, you’ve been so good to me and you’ve made so happy that...

Deep in your eyes...
When I look deep in your eyes I can see how they shine every time you see me. And my heart is filled with happiness, as it feels reassured that all the affection I’ve devoted to you echoes in your kind heart.

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