A Future of Peace and Love II

Dear friend,

Someone once said that people only show solidarity towards “cancer”, that is, in tragic or imminently tragic moments…
Sadly, we may be forced to agree. It’s been a long while now since I’ve felt so many people worried about the quality of human relationships… it’s been a while since I’ve felt waves of good will and chains of solidarity as strong as the recent ones, has a result of the dreadful events in New York.
Still, my friend, I question myself about this kind of solidarity. After all, to be sad in the presence of an atrocity is a legitimate human feeling, but to consider revenge and retaliation almost seems like a paradox; we all know that any violent action to “make up” for such an attack will be against the concept of peace, something we should all strive and search for, with all our strength and faith.
But let’s not talk about these events, for this is the moment to consider practicing friendship and all the other most noble human feelings with a little bit more of devotion, in order to actually create a better world. Why is it that we are only sensitive to terror, hunger, floods, earthquakes and other natural or man mad tragedies?
This is the time to be friendlier, to care more about others, about all those human beings we encounter every day or those for whom we save our thoughts. It’s time to call our friends, to close the dam of love, to the point where it will overflow and wash away all the ruling evilness.
We need to prepare ourselves and to cooperate with each other so that one day there will be more peace and love in our lives.

Kisses, hugs and lots of hope