Everyone for himself


My “darling” and not very busy gossipers! This little note has one single purpose: to wish you all a good day and the much-needed peace of mind to carry on with your commitments…
May you have the necessary tranquility to take care of your own businesses and make the most of the precious time – I say precious because it’s part of life, which, in turn, is God’s gift! – to make occupy yourselves with more productive things, instead of wasting your energies worrying about somebody else’s businesses or what someone did or didn’t do!
I’m sure you’d all be a lot happier if, instead of interfering in other peoples businesses, you’d stop making up stories that only poison the environment and contribute with nothing good to peoples peace of mind…
I don’t mean to preach morals, but social interaction is something we are all exposed to in the name of survival. Unfortunately, we cannot choose the work place or our co-workers.
Therefore, we should all respect some basic rules, like, for instance, not to invade other’s privacy, not to wrongly accuse or incriminate other, because these are some of the things that define the word CRIME!
You don’t have to like or befriend people unless you want to; but, as I said before, we have to learn to live with each other if we want to make our daily bread. Therefore, in the name of good harmony, I am going to ask you to stop the nasty remarks about me or I shall have to take a different course of action.

Again, have a good day!