That money you borrowed from you...

Dear friend,

It’s been hard talking to you lately. But I want, I need to give you an explanation because, after all, you were there for me when I needed you, giving me all your support. Well, I want to talk about the money I borrowed and haven’t paid you back yet: things are not looking good, but I’m doing my best to honor my word and pay my debt as quickly as I possibly can. I know things are tough for everybody and I guess the same goes for you too, right? That’s why I worry so much about giving you some peace of mind, and ask you to hold on a little bit longer, I haven’t forgotten you. What’s more, this debt has been keeping me awake! But I hope you accept my apologies and that I can make it up for you soon, I don’t want this matter to interfere with our friendship, which has always been loyal and sincere one. Let’s meet up; let’s have a beer by the seaside or a whisky at my place.
We could save the boring details for another time (maybe we could come up with a payment schedule, what do your think?), and so we could resume some more peaceful and pending matters. I sincerely hope you can wait a couple more weeks (or maybe even just days!) and that you accept this invitation for a good chat. Call me when you can or want to.

A hug