If it hadn’t been for your advice!

Dear friend,

Once again you have saved me: if it hadn’t been for your good advice I would have chosen the wrong path again! I’m glad I have such a clever friend to shed some light over me in my moments of doubt! Thank you!
If it wasn’t for your good sense I would have made a terrible mistake, I would have made the wrong decision and, again, I would have reacted without thinking, on an impulse, and I would have made a fool of myself like so many other times!
I’m glad I can rely on your advices. You are so much better than my own conscious! I have complete trust in you but I have serious doubts when it comes to my own ability to tell right from wrong, good from evil…
It’s not in vain that I care so much about you, my friend! You always say the right and most intelligent things; you always come up with the most opportune considerations, using the most correct and adequate arguments for each situation! It’s great to be able to rely on your true friendship and your well-balanced thoughts!
For all your good advice and for all you’ve done for me, please accept my most humble and sincere thank you!

I love you!