Friend is the one who supports you

Dear friend,
I’ve been thinking about writing you for a while now and tell you about the meaning of friendship, something that surrounds us in such a natural way that we don’t even care much about understanding it exactly and what it means. Maybe I can’t precisely express that meaning but it’s great to know there’s someone like you supporting me…
I always have positive thoughts about every move you make, always wishing that you plenty of success. And that’s what being a friend is all about, friend is the one who’s always willing to support you, even in those moments he doesn’t fully agree with what your thinking or doing. And then, he does not hesitate to make you see his point of view and shed some light on your path. That’s what true friends do, because they’re sure that a different opinion will not change that deep feeling of sincere and mutual trust.

My dear friend, you can always count on me. Yours