For a friend

Dear (name),

it’s so great! What a joy! Today it’s your birthday and apart from saying happy birthday and wishing all the best – as part of habit and good manners – I would dare saying that today is a day for celebration! Yes it is! So please don’t come up with “I’m not doing anything” or “birthday is not a merit but just a consequence of time going by”. We will party; the birth of someone as special, funny and joyful as you has to be celebrated!
Accept my sincere wishes of a happy birthday. I wish you all the best and it pleases me to see you in such good health and happy. So get ready to buy at least a cool beer, because we both know these are not the best of times to toast with Champaign, right?
On a more serious note, I sincerely hope that all your projects come true, that you’re very happy, that you may celebrate many, many birthdays, and I can continue to enjoy your special friendship for a long, long time!

Affectionately yours