The best of all is to be with you

My love,

There’s only one thing better in the world than dating: dating you. I doubt there’s someone has gorgeous and wonderful as you. And I’m not just saying this because I’m thrilled or in love; today I can say it with the knowledge of someone who’s had one year of experience in the subject! Or don’t you remember it’s our anniversary today? I bet you do! After all, who would be mad enough not to remember our first day, who would be crazy enough and forget to engrave in the memory such a special day? It all happened in such a beautiful way!
Yes, that’s right, it’s been a year. If, on the one hand, it seems like along time, on the other hand it seems like yesterday, so pleasant it is to be in your company. I can’t have enough of looking at you, talking to you, touching you, and kissing you. If I’m feeling this way after one year, can you imagine what I’ll be feeling like after two, three of for years of being together?
I think I’m going to eat you alive. Take it easy, I’m just kidding. But I’ll still nibble and gently pinch you every now and then, I sure am! But I do mean it: this one year we’ve accomplished today was the happiest one in my life, and I’ll do anything within my reach to repeat it many, many times, till the end of times.

With a tender and passionate kiss from yours