Break Up

This had never crossed my mind...


You know, up until recently, the thought of writing a letter like this had never crossed my mind, and I can’t tell you what’s happened over night, but I totally lost all interest in you.
Unfortunately, I don’t feel happy by your side anymore, I don’t have those great feelings when you touch me, I don’t miss you like I used to, and, what’s more, I feel like being on my own because; for now good reason, you’ve become indifferent to me, although you haven’t done anything to hurt me.
Don’t ask me to explain myself because as I said, there’s no explanation and it all happened so fast. Don’t try to talk me into changing my mind, I know myself too well to know that once I reach this stage there’s no way back.
I hope you understand that I’ve loved you once, but now, I don’t love you enough to share you my most intimate moments with you.

A goodbye kiss