Miss You

To the traveler boyfriend

My love

You don’t know how hard it is to spend Valentine’s day away from you. Even when it’s sunny, this absurd distance makes my days cold and cloudy. Sometimes I can’t sleep and when I finally do, I start dreaming, in the mad hope of seeing you walking into my bedroom and waking me up with kisses.
It’s so sad, being away from the warmth of your arms and your soothing voice, but what comforts me is knowing that this nightmare will not last forever, because as soon as all your commitments are over you’ll be coming back to me and my warm embrace.
When you return, we’ll have plenty of time to do all the things we enjoy doing together. I already have some new recipes in mind to prepare for you. I’m going to buy nice scented candles, to welcome you as if you were my King returning from a long crusade...
I miss you even more on Valentine’s day, you know? I can’t wait to see you again and touch your skin, caress your face and draw every single one of your features with the tip of my fingers.
I’ve been praying for time to go by fast and shorten my loneliness. I love you very much and it’s really hard to be away from you for so long.

Miss you lots. A huge kiss from yours