Miss You

I miss you, my love! (for him)

My darling,

telling you that I miss is not something new because you already know I miss you all the time. But, today I missed in such a special way that I get embarrassed just talking about it!
I don’t know what you’ll be thinking of me after I confess “how” I missed you… You know, all of a sudden, in the middle of my work, I started thinking about a whole bunch of nonsense? No, not nonsense… but it wasn’t exactly the kind of thoughts you should be having in the middle of your work or your classes… I longed to see you, to have you… to have you kiss the tip of my ear and then, I’d offer you my neck, my shoulders and my arms for you to kiss ten, twenty, a thousand times until you got tired!
We both know what happens when we start doing this, don’t we? Well, of thought of it all – the beginning, middle…and end!
My love, please don’t think I’m shameless and don’t make me blush when we meet again, but I miss your breath, the smell of your mouth and of your skin, your strong hands pulling me closer to your body and (just listen to this!) your rush to get rid of my underwear!
When will you learn to undo a bra? Well, you can always practice on me, but only me. I’ll let and what you to.
Missing and longing. Yours