It was inappropriate, and I`m sorry

My dear,

I`m hoping that, with this letter you will accept my most sincere apologies. I made a mistake, and was unfortunate in what I said, but I didn`t mean to offend you. More importantly, deep down, I never believed you would go ahead and do something I`d suggested in such a foolish and irresponsible joke.
I was unusually inappropriate, and my biggest mistake is that I acted like towards the person that least deserved it, because you are the one that brought me back the joy of life. So, I beg for you forgiveness and I hope you`ll find in your heart the ability to grant me that request.
You have a noble soul, with no place for anger, despite all the sorrow and pain I`ve inflicted upon you, for which I remorse and punish myself.
A few hours have since gone by (sad ones, to tell you the truth), and I realize how stupid I was. I know you well enough to have guessed the things I said would offend you. I`m not about to sing you a ballad or talk about love in bunches; you know how much I love you, and I know and believe that you love me, even though you`re feeling hurt at the moment, and rightly so.
I`m sad and, at the same time, mad at myself for having been so stupid. Please forgive me.