You are impatient (and I`m shameless!)


Man, you are impatient! I know we agreed to meet at 9pm, but what happened is that I was late because I had to drop my mum off at my aunt`s and they just wouldn`t let me leave. And then, you know how it goes, man, I had to take my old mum back home and I got to the bar too late.
Gee, I arrived at 00h30 and the barmaid told me you`d just left. Next time, just wait a bit longer, man! You know you`re cool with me and I we can both drink from the same glass. If I promised I`d showed up it`s because I really would. I even went around to your apartment, but by then you should have been in a different pub because the genitor called you and you didn`t answer.
Any way, I`m sorry. I know I stood you up for 3 hours. Call me and we can do something, but don`t ring me too early because I`ve had a few too much yesterday.

I love you, a kiss from yours