Miss You

For someone very special

I miss you. I miss you deeply!
I wish I could be with you to fill you with kisses and tell sweet things in those pretty little ears of yours. If you had any idea how much I’m missing you right now, you’d be flying over here, to hug me and kiss me and reassure me of your love one more time.
How can you miss someone this much? How can love, such an “abstract” thing, take up so much of my thoughts, being as rational as I am? What makes it such a strong feeling? And why this constant need to see you, to be with you? Am I going crazy? I think I am...
And if so, going crazy over someone as special as you are is a sign of good taste, to say the least, for there must only be a few number of people in the world with so many special characteristics as you have.
I can’t stand being away from you, because when that happens it’s as if time doesn’t move, the hours become longer and boring and there’s nothing – not even a fine glass of wine – that can bring some comfort. I fight loneliness and can’t wait to be with you face to face, to touch you and kiss you gently, softly.
Be sure these will be very special kisses because you’re worth it.

I love you and miss you