I want your salt and your fluids...

My greatest love,

It is always a blessing to be with you. When we are together I feel closer to what is more sacred and I feel more in touch with the forces of nature.
In the subtle touch of your fingertips I feel the warmth of the summer breeze. Your sweat is like the salt in the sea, that makes it so smooth and dense. From the warmth of the tip of your tongue I receive the balsams that relief my tired body and bring joy to my soul.
The brief sounds you make when we make are as if the wind was whistling between the mountains, while the wood burns in the fireplace and, like a flame, lights up in me the power of passion. The gentle caresses of your hands awake my senses; they make me want to cheer the most vital of powers and penetrate your body with pagan resolve.
I love you when you rest still and peaceful like a field waiting to be harvested. And I also love when you slowly wake up, becoming more and more receptive and you let your tasty body fluids soothe my thirst, as if your entire being was a fountain of health, pleasure and beauty. My love, to be next to you is the greatest of blessings. I am writing to you, with all devotion, to tell you that I desperately need to be christened with your oils, salt and fluids yet again.

Love. Yours