To the timid dreamer

Dear (name),

I’m going to begin by saying something very simple and true, in which you probably haven’t thought of: you are stronger than you think, and smarter than you show the world, and that’s why I’m here, doing the noble job of showing you how special you are.
I love your sweet way of being and the way you see everything in the lenses of beauty and gentleness. I like your way of being so much, that I feel totally seduced by your noble and delicate attitudes, so seduced that I decided to take the chance of knowing you better. I hope you confront this initiative of mine, as something real and not only as a dream, an illusion.
I like you very much. A lot, a lot, for real! You are one of the best companies on this earth, and you must believe in your potential and not be so shy.
Count on me on this search for beauty and happiness. I want to help you find peace, harmony and love.

Count on me and receive hugs and kisses from,