Miss You

I’m almost happy!!

My darling,

I am almost happy, because I know that I will be meeting you again soon, and I’ll send into space this crazy longing that has driven my appetite and sleep away!
I can’t wait to see you again, to make you realize how difficult it has been to be without you, how much I’ve missed you and the countless sleepless nights these last few months. I want you to know that the news of your return has made me almost happy; total, complete and true happiness will only happen when I can kiss your face and hold you tight, when I am able to look deep in your eyes and feel the spark of love again!
If there is a bigger torture and pain than this, I swear that I don’t know what it might be. Only I know how my heart ached and how painful your absence was; only I know how happy I feel now, knowing that we are going to see each other again soon.
My darling, pack your bags and hurry up. I feel that the vision of your arrival will be the most exciting thing my eyes have ever witnessed in all their existence!

A kiss. I’ll see you soon,