A girl with deep eyes - "spicy" version

Gorgeous girl,

Once, a long time ago, I read the poem of a poet from Chile that said : “irias a ser muda que Díos te dio esos ojos?” Well, I had this poem hidden in the back of my mind until today, when my eyes met yours for the first time.
But I must confess that, despite all their magnetism, my eyes did not stop at the expression of your eyes; they wondered all over your gorgeous body, as if I were an old digger searching for a huge gold mine engraved in the mountain. You are very beautiful and I can foresee all the treasures hidden under the fabric that covers your skin; I can imagine the sweetness of your lips and the softness of your perfect body.
Pretty girl with deep eyes, can you see the turmoil your expressive pupils have installed in my heart? Your eyes are not only deep but they also reveal a unique sensuality...
I don`t know if and when I will see you again. After all, parties at a friend`s place or even events that coincide with our agendas or our personal tastes don`t happen that often.
Anyway, I would like to meet you again and as soon as possible. Who knows, maybe I would give you a poem along these lines: “My girlfriend is so pretty, her eyes are like little stars in the sky”. Because that`s exactly what your eyes are like, you know?
I`m not going to say anything further just that in order for the poem to be complete, you`d have to agree to be my girlfriend.

A loving, passionate kiss from