Zodiac Signs

For the Cancer girlfriend

My darling

My sensitive and sweet creature. I think you may have noticed it by now but I have to tell you again that I’m absolutely crazy about you and your shy way of being, sometimes even too melancholic and sand.
I’m very proud to be your boyfriend, you know? Yes, I’m proud to have your affection, because I know you’re not at all shallow when it comes to feelings and I’ve realized by now that you’d be capable of any sacrifices just to help those you love.
Modesty aside, I feel I belong to that group of people, my darling, and I feel very happy about it, because I know you keep your best emotions for those who are closer to you; although you’re not given to confessions, you can keep a secret well locked up. Speaking of being modest, (mind you, this is advise, not criticism), I think you’re very modest about yourself, because you’re pretty, intelligent and sensitive but sometimes you hide, afraid to show yourself and your qualities as if you were the world’s ugliest duckling. Why, my love?
Just think, had I not have had the initiative, maybe we wouldn’t be together now, although I was interested in you and your qualities for a long time.
I’m also fascinated and thrilled by your unpredictability. I’m positively glad whenever you turn up all cheerful and happy. Maybe it’s that lunar influence on your star, right? It’s that mood change that turns you into a very mysterious and attractive person. Anyway, you’re always a very pleasant company. I hope you’ll always stay this way and that you don’t feel the least hurt with the little remarks I made about you in this letter, because I love you just the way you are.

With a kiss from