To the master, with affection...

Dear Professor (name),

I know this entire "student in love with the teacher" story is nothing new, specially to you since you are the most gorgeous of all the teachers; you can be charming and seductive even when you are giving bad marks or telling off the less attentive ones...
Please pay attention: I`ve been watching every single on of your moves for a long time now. I am capable of hearing your voice when you are miles away. I know exactly how you pronounce each word, how you accentuate each lovely sentence that comes from your mouth, and in the back of my mind, I keep every syllable and sound that you make.
It`s true that I don`t always understand everything you say but it`s not for lack of attention... it`s pure enchantment! And that`s maybe why (and I may be wrong on this one) I am sometimes under the impression that you are a slightly of getting near me, like a man would typically do when he is interested in approaching a woman.
Dear (name), don`t be afraid of me, I don`t want to cause you any problems. I just wish you paid a bit more of attention in me and treated me with the courtesy that a heart in love deserves.

I leave you with a kiss