Forget the past and just be happy with me!

Dear (name),

You must have realized how bedazzled I was when I met you, to the point of starting to believe that old "love at first sight" story. Yet, your hesitation and resistance to understanding this situation somewhat astonish me...
You have already told me about your misfortunes and disappointments and the amount of grief some unsolved love affairs had caused you. But I don`t think you are at risk now because I`m absolutely convinced that I can make you happy and that I can be happy by your side; I believe we can experience happiness together, side by side, hand in hand, holding each other...
Don`t be afraid of me nor of my deepest, honest and true feelings for you! Open up your heart to love, to my love... be a little less uptight and suspicious, because I only wish you the best and all I want is to give you the best there is in me too...
Don`t be afraid, my darling, my search is your search: I just want us both to be happy and I believe that finding happiness may happen faster if we are together and if we are willing to stay by each other`s side at all times.
I am well aware of your doubts and fears, I know you have been through some hard situations in your life, but leave the past and your fears behind and be happy by my side. My heart and my arms are wide open to welcome you. I`m ready to make you the happiest man on earth!

Love. Yours