Don`t play with me!!

Dear (name),

I hope you are well and at peace with yourself because I care a lot about you and I wouldn`t like to see you annoyed or angry for nothing in this world! Yet, I need to tell you a few serious things that have been upsetting me quite a lot...
I believe that the time we`ve been with each other and the level of intimacy we`ve reached gives me the freedom and the right to expose my feelings in this way and not be afraid of scaring off you with the truth; if you ask me, this could even go without saying, you are an intelligent and sensitive enough person to have realized by now how much I really love you.
But loving you and wanting to be with you is not enough... In order for this to happen for the both of us, you have to be sure of what you want too and stop being divided between me and old stories that lead you no where.
I think you are playing with me and that is quite annoying... Even though I care a lot about you, I would like you to know that I will not put up with this awkward situation anymore. If, by any chance, you don`t understand the meaning of these lines and you chose never to see me again, I will suffer a bit, but I will get over it; I know what I`m worth and, most of all, I know that my love and my feelings should be devoted to someone who values them and reciprocates.
I don`t believe you will question any of the words you are reading right now, because honesty and loyalty have always been imperative for me. I just want you to know that I am ready to give you all my love as long as you stop acting like a child and stop dividing your love and attention.

With love