Miss You

The color of your car and of your hair...

My darling,

This is not an obsession, but every time we are apart for a while, I miss you so much that I start seeing you wherever I go...
When I was waiting for you outside the restaurant the other day, all the cars that drove by were exactly like yours! And do you know how many of the people lost in crowd seemed to have the same hairdo as you? God, if this happens when you are near and the waiting is not too long, can you imagine what is going to happen now that I know it´s going to be such a long time before I see your smile again?
My dear beloved, missing you it the most painful thing I have every felt. I want you to know that a great deal of my energy is focused in overcoming the anguish of being apart and that my imagination goes in search of some form of distraction, other than the one that pleases me the most: looking at our photos.
I want you and need to see you soon! I need to feel your hair in my fingers; I need to see your car arriving and stopping in front of my door; I need to meet you badly, so I can get rid of this feeling that is eating me from the inside.
See if you can come up with a solution that can cut short this time of waiting and longing. I miss you more and more each day, and my sadness grows larger. Every day that goes by, I become more and more sure that you are truly the love of my life.

With a kiss from