Miss You

Work/college forces me to stay away!

Dear (name),

There is definitely no bigger sorrow than to be far away. And there is no bigger pain than the one caused by the absence of the loved one and of his/her scent and body of the loved one... In this case, the absence of your body and your scent...
I know that I must resign to this period of time, because I know I am investing in the future, in our future. But being away from you makes me feel very sad and melancholic, and the only thing that cheers me up and makes me feel confident in happier days is knowing that I will see you again.
I hope this will happen very soon; loneliness makes my days darker, and only the light in your eyes or your smile every morning and your tender kisses every night can warm up my heart...
As I go along, I make up the strength to resist till the end and to endure the time it will still take us to be together forever, with no long interruptions in between. I am sure our love will be stronger than all this, just as I am sure we will know how to wait and welcome with joy the big day and we will be reunited, never to be apart again.
For the time being, I´m making an effort to fulfill my obligations and to concentrate in my duties, but always keeping in mind that you and my love for you are the most important things in my life!

I miss you. Love from