Miss You

The great emotions of love

My darling (name),

Let me begin by saying that I miss you a lot; loving you is a really great, wonderful feeling and the distance between us only increases my passion and desire.
To miss someone is an emotion reserved only to those who love, but your talent to surprise me makes me feel that loving you is more exciting than to just simply miss you. Loving you is like driving a high speed car, trying to guess what´s behind the next bend/curve: you always have a surprise in store and that´s what makes me so anxious to see you; I always feel that I must run to you and your arms, and pacify my heart in the warmth of your bosom.
Loving you is also to feel the emotion of freedom as my mind travels through dreams when I think about you. The good thoughts float and become alive because of you, and my existence is richer as I know you are always with me, even when there is a huge distance between us.
I want to love you forever and I want to have you closer. Romantic as it may be, missing you is very painful and I would rather not having to feel like this ever again, I would like to always be near you.

Love from