Miss You

Your picture

Dear (name),

Being far away from you hurts me deeply, and this pain increases each time I look at your picture, each time my eyes meet that bright smile of yours printed on the cold shiny paper...
I look at you, I mean at your picture, and it seems as if you are looking back at me. My heart lights up with hope to see you again soon but, at the same time, I feel sad when I think of how long it will take us before we are near each other again.
I feel sad just thinking how much I will still have to suffer until I can again feel the warmth of your eyes in my eyes.
But it makes me happy again to imagine our reunion and great and wonderful it is going to be.
I would like you to know that I am constantly looking at you, at your photo, and praying that you are well and as anxious as I am for the moment we´ll see each other again.

Love from