Zodiac Signs

For the Leo girlfriend

My beautiful and loved creature

There’s nothing like starting the day by remembering your always-warm smile. There’s nothing more brightening and stimulating than to remember I love someone so lively, graceful and beautiful like you, who’s always pampering herself for me, because you’re also a bit vain, like a good, genuine Leo woman.
I love to love someone like you, someone who has a soul so kind that you can even get upset or irritated in petty environments. I like the way you dress up, your good taste in clothes, jewelry and huge collection of cosmetics.
Speaking of collection, the only time I get a bit jealous is when I remember your collection of ex-boyfriends’ photos… Please get rid of them, will you? It’s OK… you don’t have to… after all let bygones be bygones; I’m very happy now, because I can feel how much you love me and give yourself to me, my touch, my caresses and cuddles. You love to cuddle and kiss, don’t you?
My darling, I’m going to say it again: I love you very much, I love your free spirit, the way you show others that you belong to me, in the sense that you know I’m yours and only yours. I can’t get tired of complimenting your distinct manners, but I’m very careful at that because I know how much you hate clichés. Yet, I’m not letting you go without a last one, but don’t you worry, it’s not a long one: I love you!

With a passionate kiss from