Miss You

Missing the blue eyed girl

Dear (name),

I´ve been looking for you again and still I cannot find you. My eyes wander off in the blue sea and in the silky mantel of the sky in search of a glimpse of your eyes, a glimpse of your much needed presence...
Everything blue in this world reminds me of your sweet, deep eyes. I miss you more and more with every memory of you, at all times, but more so when I´m feeling lonely and distant.
The love I feel for you is honest and true, in the exact same proportion as the sea is deep and the sky is infinite. And the immense, empty galactic space is the dimension of how much I miss you.
I wish I were a God and I wish I could gather all the pleasures that I take from your presence... I wish I could gather in my soul all the affection with which you strengthen me and I wish you would never deprive me of your big smile and those amazing blue eyes of yours that always seem to have the ability to warm up and calm my heart.
I need to see you again fast. I need our eyes to meet so I can see the magic, the truth and the affection reflected in those kind, beautiful eyes of yours.

I miss you. Love