Miss You

A winter afternoon

a cold winter afternoon. The sky really blue, with clouds, and the shape of the trees brought me a sensation of peace and beauty. The wind made my cheeks pink and seemed to take away any bad feeling. On that cold winter afternoon I almost felt happy...
In the park, a few babysitters played with winter dressed children. Dogs played in between the plants, chubby girls and chubby boys worked out looking for a better shape, and schools of birds made a musical background.
The pure air in the park filled my lungs with health and even hope and I, repeat, I almost felt happy, without knowing really, what was missing, at that moment to reach total happiness.
I began to reflect about that empty feeling inside of me and it didn´t take me long to realize that what was missing to be truly happy was your company. What was bothering me, was your absence, I missed you.
Discovering what was bothering me, I took a deap breath of relief and began writing this letter with an only purpose, so I can let you know how important you are to me. I hope you like to know that and I´ll wait, anxiously, for you to come and put an end to this emptiness I´m feeling inside that won´t allow me to be totally happy!