Zodiac Signs

For the Leo friend

My sunny and illuminated friend,

I miss you, you know, you and your outgoing and joyful ways. I love your advises, because you’re great when it comes to rationalizing – and solving – other people’s problems, although you get a bit confused when it comes to your own.
I miss our intelligent chats, your smart solutions, and, why not, your beautiful and enigmatic presence, that renders you even more convincing, specially when you decide to adopt a more dramatic posture, typical of the most fearless of Leo’s.
I love and envy your determination, the way you react to obstacles and your guts to face problems. I love how you cleverly place yourself in life, avoiding any time waste with infertile projects and plans.
I’m proud to enjoy the affection of someone who has a truly golden heart, someone as kind as you, and I even find your extravagances funny, just as much as your eagerness to enjoy luxury, but always sharing what’s best in the world with your closest friends.
It’s great to be your friend and have your loyalty (thank God), because I do feel sorry for those who provoke you enough to become victims of your Leo rage. We both know how cruel you can be to them, right?

This is all for now. A warm embrace from