Break Up

Breaking up with the cheap guy


You know, ever since the first time I saw you I felt something wasn´t going to work out between us? Not that it was necessary for you to pay the first bill all by yourself, but you didn´t have to say in front of the waiter: "– it´s this amount of dollars and cents for you to pay, since you ordered one portion of french fries more than me!"
Okay, I gave you a discount. You could have been a little nervous for going out with me for the first time; but, little by little, going out more times, meeting and talking to a few of your friends, I realized you continue thinking everyone wants to take advantage of you.
To tell you the truth, you are the kind of person who barks in the backyard to save up on buying a dog, keep coiled milk to see if your grandmother can make you some cheese, and are capable of asking for souvenirs on a funeral to save your matches.
But, that´s is beautiful, and leaving aside your cheapness, I started to realize a few qualities in you.
What happens is that, in front of what I discovered yesterday, it becomes impossible to have any possibility of love between us. You decide to do black magic for me to stay with me, and when it´s time to pay for the chicken you want to buy a Nissin Lamen chicken flavor? Where on earth...?
Stay with my never more. You don´t have to write or call me. Save your time, stamps and impulses. I don´t even know why I spent my time writing you all of this...

Goodbye, (signature)