I hope this doesn´t come as a surprise

Dear (name),

As time goes by after we were introduced by common friends, the eagerness confined in my chest has grown bigger and bigger and by now I think I have no way out but to declare face-to-face how much I want you. Everyday I think of our first date I feel like this confession was already undeniable by then.
I can’t let another day waste away, so I´m writing this letter to open my heart to you. I´ve already blown the chance to confess myself and I can´t afford to wait until we meet again to tell you this: I love you and I wanna be your boyfriend.
Since that day my heart has been hurtful and bitter, I know it´s going to take a long time until I can see you again... An answer to this letter will certainly be a relief, and if positive, you can look for me among the clouds if I´m hard to find next time, because honestly I can´t take you out of my head!
I´m not trying to hurry your return, but I´m missing you a lot... The desire of seeing you again sets the bar for my actions and reflects how big this love is. I am eagerly waiting for your return with a positive answer in your heart... I want you to receive all the love I can give and the best kiss of all!