Remembrance of youth

My friend (name)

Yesterday I was drinking an aperitif at the bar we used to go and I remembered of you. All of a sudden all the adventures we did during our blissful youth came up to my mind, our last days of life´s springtime.
Good times were those buddy! The enormous affinity was evident then, and it led us to this blessed friendship we share today. Adults we are now, but yesterday I could feel the roots that gave birth to this nice feeling we managed to preserve throughout the years until this day.
After that period, we followed different paths that drew us away from each other, but we always remind and relive the joyful moments our friendship blessed us with and our minds have come to treasure: the first trip together, the dispute over girls, all of this belongs to the past, but it´s all alive somewhere in our memories.
Our nights out and the first accomplishments cannot be erased by time. I remember back then when I used to get the ugliest one, for instance... These reminiscences help us to focus on the great moments we lived together, thus leaving occasional regrets and discontents far behind us, they simply do not matter at all.
I miss your company a lot and I´d like to have a few beers with you again - even the drunken gibberish I miss - life would certainly feel a bit lighter and happier, so let´s get together once more for the sake of those good old days.

Cheers and take care! (signature)