Zodiac Signs

For the Virgo friend

Dear (name),

First of all, I hope all is well with you and that no particular problems are troubling your mind, given the fact that you already are a concerned person by nature and you’re incapable to live with something that is or seems to be out of order.
Despite your stern looks – try to relax a bit, will you? – I always feel this peaceful aura when I’m with you, because your prudent and intelligent attitudes always convey honesty and trust.
I’m writing to let you know I care a lot about you, and I try not to sound too emotional, because I know how much you’d hate that. Sometimes I ask myself how is it possible to feel so comfortable with someone who’s so different; I’m not as organized, meticulous and aware of details as you are. Yet, I think the answer lies in the peaceful feeling your gentle and thoughtful behavior conveys, or even your mind, when you are reassured that everything is going according to your best expectations.
I admire how you take care of the world and yourself. I love your inquisitive mind, but what I admire the most is your willingness to help and be available. You’re never lazy when the time comes to do some work, even if you’re just working to help others. I know how much you hate laziness! I admire you for always be willing to give a helping hand, and how you’d panic if it was the other way around and you had to depend on other people’s favors.
You look upon live and the world in a very clever way. I don’t mean to butter you up and I respect your serene way of being, but I want to tell you I’m a bit jealous that I can’t arrange my stuff in the same way you do yours. But, rest assured, I envy you in a good and harmless way!
I would like to see you soon

A friendly hug from