Another happy winter

Dear (name),

This winter we´ll be celebrating our one-year dating anniversary, the first one of our relationship! For me it´s a long time, as my heart has room and keeps beating only for you since we started dating. This is gonna be another warm and happy winter but we´re gonna pass together this time.
I think we deserve a gift. On my part, I only ask you to make this feeling we have towards each other everlasting as long as it lasts. I also hope that the cold of this winter can be soothed by your warmth. I wanna find on your chest a fountain of tenderness, peace and love.
To receive everything good that comes from you is all I long for, without asking anything else. And I´ve got to thank you for this first year of happiness by your side, for this companionship made of love and care, and this winter is going to summarize all that we have been sharing together.
To the one who makes me so happy and complete, I can only wish a long life plenty of peace and tranquility, and that he never forgets the fact he´s loved with the same intensity of our first kiss. My love alone can provide happiness to both of us, all that we said we dream of a year ago.
The cold weather will be perfect for happy days and nights warmed by this love of ours and the softness of the sheets...