To the professional of love

Dear (name),

I´d really like you to (I dream of it actually) act towards me with some distinction, a little more that´s dedicated to your most noble clients. After all, even though I´m not exactly a ´vip´ guy, I´m a constant client who loves to live the happy moments provided by you.
Think well about it and tell me what I have to do to be treated as a special someone on these nights scheduled by me, do you realize how I behave when we are together, how happy I get when I´m with you? You won´t need to endeavor that much to treat me more considerably and distinctively.
Notwithstanding your professionalism, I´d like you to push a little further and apply yourself a bit more by devoting a little extra attention to my person. I know that you feel alone inside and I hope to bring you some joy and laughter on these moments, that´s what someone who likes someone else would want to do after all.
I want you to open your heart and say what is required for a guy like me to get that special care, I know that there´s something reserved only for me in your heart...You are amazing at what you do and I´m all eyes for your smart moves, I just miss a little pinch of emotional devotion on your part.
Do not think I´m getting it all mixed up, I understand that you are a professional and thus you can´t get yourself emotionally involved with every needy client that shows up in front of you, but my case is different: when I look for you I want you and no one else.
A big kiss,